Student resume examples for students looking for their first job

You need to consider a few things about student resumes that others don't need to. When you have finished college and are looking for a job, your resume is not going to include a great deal of usable work experience. The resume will be skills and achievements based, and it should be clear, simple and to the point. A single page is usually enough. Most resume examples for college students will highlight education and skills, with brief mentions of employment and associated experience.
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Out of the three primary resume types, a graduate resume will be a combination resume, being functional because the resume will be skills and not work experience based, and with academia listed in chronological order. Resume examples for students should begin with an overview of yourself, and a list of your most pertinent skills. Here is where you sell yourself, but try not to come across as arrogant. After this comes the education section, employment history, and achievements.

You may have employment experience working in bars, restaurants and so on, and while you should include these, you do not need to get into too much detail about them. Instead, the core of the resume will be based on your academic qualifications and the skills you have developed during school and college. You will obviously include your grades, relevant modules you have studied, and you should go into detail about thesis’s and larger projects. Emphasize the areas of college which apply to the job.

High school student resume examples for students making the leap to college stick to the same general principles as post graduates, listing their key skills and educational experience first, with little emphasis needed for experience and employment.