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Resume Excellence Awards 2015

Winner: CraftResumes

CraftResumes has a reputation for high quality and fast 1 day delivery. Professionally certified resume writers that bring a personal touch with unlimited revisions for 4 days. 

This relative newcomer to the game has been making a strong name for itself. People get interested based on their super-fast delivery and affordable pricing, and then the quality of the results spread their reputation much farther. The name of the game here is transparency – Craft Resumes want you to get a personal connection with your resume writer and you can browse their profiles, skills, and qualifications before even placing an order. Once chosen, your writer will be constantly available until your resume is perfect.


 • Extremely fast one day turnaround 
• Professionally certified and qualified resume writers 
• Complete writer transparency before placing an order 
• Affordable pricing - $129 per basic resume 
• Unlimited revisions 
• Customizable packages for discounts 


• Low number of writers limits specialization 
• Limited discounts from ordering packages 
• Short revision period – 4 days 


I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the work you put into my excellent new resume. Have you to thank for my new job! 
• Tom S, Marketing Director made everything so easy! It was only a few steps and very soon I had a great resume to use. I highly recommend this service! 
• Cobie G, Lawyer 

Runner Up: Resume Writers 

Resume Writers is a well-established and high quality resume writing service with guaranteed satisfaction. Unlimited revisions and professionally certified writers appeal. Resume delivery in 3-5 days. 

The oldest and most established online resume writing service is well-known to review sites and customers alike. They’re heavyweights, and have the prices to match, but those willing to pay extra will find they are well rewarded. Resume Writers believe in their skills so much they offer a Satisfaction Guarantee – if you don’t get a job in 60 days with your new resume, they will rewrite it again for free. Delivery takes 3 days between placing your order and receiving your resume. A rush service is available for a hefty addition in price.


• Writers for every specialization 
• Discounts for recent graduates and veterans 
• Professionally certified writers with in-house training 
• Satisfaction Guarantee 
• Unlimited Revisions 
• 50% returning customer discount 


• ‘Premium’ Pricing 
• No individual writer information 
• 3 days delivery time – expensive rush service 


"This is a long overdue review. My resume expert did a terrific job on organizing, analyzing and presenting my resume in a more coherent and detailed order. It is a resume that I am proud of, and it better expresses both my individual, educational and career points. A resume is not a tool that presents one with a job, but it is a tool that changes one's life and I know this resume will open doors!" - Maria A, Investment Analyst 

"I just want to convey how good I think your service is. This is my third return to over several years and I am again impressed with the quality of my resume as well as the customer service." - Andrea K., Nurse “Badge” 

Commended: Resume Writing Service

For those who need more services than just resume writing or editing, ResumeWritingService offers a wide range of complementary extras and generous discount packages. Delivery within 3-5 days and one revision. 

Don’t be fooled by the title, ResumeWritingService have made a name for themselves for the variety of other services they offer, such as reference checking, resume distribution, and interview coaching. Resume and CV writing and editing is of course on the menu as well. Their timing loses them points – up to 5 days for resume delivery! Their discount packages are a favorite among customers for being very generous and with many package options available. Their featured writer profiles showcase qualified and experienced writers, however there are only two. We’d like to see more information and transparency before we give higher marks.


• Extra services: Reference checking, resume posting, interview coaching 
• Generous discount packages 
• Professionally certified writers 


• Limited writer information 
• Limited writer specialization 
• 3-5 day delivery service 
• 1 Revision only 


You edited my resume so well that I thought it was really written from scratch! It’s a real pleasure to cooperate with you! Natalie, Finance Specialist Thank you Sandy for completing this so quickly! Everything looks great! Angela, Customer Service Representative 

Contender: Resume2Hire 

With budget pricing and 3-day delivery, Resume2Hire saves time by uploading your resume to job boards. Unlimited revisions for 7 days and a guaranteed rewrite if you’re not hired.

Resume2Hire kept appearing in our reviews for its ultra-budget pricing: at only $49.99 it’s definitely affordable. The budget pricing is reflected in the writer selection, with a good mix of professional resume writers but others who have more hiring or even just copywriting experience. Customers we spoke to spoke highly of the satisfaction guarantee, if you haven’t found a job within 60 days they’ll give you a free rewrite, as well as the service which uploads your resume automatically to several job boards.


• Lowest price $49.99 
• Rush service available 
• Satisfaction Guarantee 
• Resume posting service 


• Resume writers are not all trained or qualified 
• 3 day delivery 
• Limited discount packages 


You are amazing! I used your resume last week Friday and on Monday I had a scheduled a job interview for this week Friday! If I land this job I will be sending you a VERY POSITIVE endorsement! Thank you! - J. Lyons 

Thank you so much for the wonderful revisions. I feel that my resume accurately captures what I had in mind. Thank you again for your hard work. - Emilee 

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Professional resume writing services reviewed

Professional resume writing services reviewed

Here's our most recent review of some of the most popular resume writing companies on the web.

Craft Resumes Resume WritersResume Writing ServicePro Resume Writing ServicesResume 2 Hire
Sector Specialized Resumes (Military, Nursing etc)YESYESNONOYES
Thank you/ Follow Up LettersYESYESYESYESYES
Resume DistributionNONOYESNOYES
Reference VerificationNONOYESNONO
Interview CoachingNONOYESNONO
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) ProfilesYESNONONONO
Pricing (Basic Resume)$129.99$199.95$95.96$99$49.99
Delivery Time (business days)1 day3 days3-5 days2 days3 days
RevisionsUnlimited Revisions for 4 daysUnlimited1 Revision in 30 daysUnlimitedUnlimited for 7 days
TransparencyIndividual writer Profiles, Certifications, and Specialities are clearly listedNo individual writer information2 Writer Profiles visible No individual writer informationIndividual writer Profiles, Certifications, and Specialities are clearly listed
Writer CertificationsAll writers are Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) or members of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARC/CC)Hired in accordance to Professional Resume Writer rules, and extensive in house trainingWriters are professionally certified or hiring managers, recruiters, or career developersAll writers are Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW)Some writers are professionaly certified, some have extensive experience with resume writing specifically, but many have only copywriting or technical writing experience listed.
Customer SupportEmail


Live Chat



Live Chat

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Resume Writing Review: Resume Writers

Resume Writing Review: Resume Writers

With 15 years proving services, Resume Writers is one of the longest standing resume writing services and is probably the best known one. But is it worth the hype?  Let’s see…


Resume Writing
CV Writing
Resume Editing
CV Editing
Sector Specialized Resumes (Military, Nursing etc)
Rush Service
Cover Letters
Thank you/ Follow Up Letters
Resume Distribution
LinkedIn Profiles
Reference Verification
Interview Coaching
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) Profiles

Order Now


At $199.95 for a basic resume, Resume Writers is higher priced than many other services, but insists its quality matches the cost. Specialized resumes and CVs such as for IT professionals and executives are priced higher ($299.95 for an executive resume!) while transitioning military and young graduates get $30 off.

If you want to get a follow-up letter and cover letter with your resume, the full packages offer a substantial discount rather than buying one at a time.
Editing is not included as a separate service, but returning customers wanting to refresh their resume get a 50% discount on your chosen service.
Lastly, if you don’t get hired 60 days after getting your resume, they will rewrite it for you for free. A satisfaction guarantee! Read the full review

Choosing a resume writing service with a deadline

Choosing a resume writing service with a deadline

My old resume held me back

I’d been job hunting for a while with no luck, and really, I felt my resume was holding me back. I had lots of years of experience, but no matter how many applications I sent out, I was hardly getting any call backs, let alone interviews.
So I was already thinking that getting my resume rewritten might be a good investment, when I found an incredible job at my dream company – I couldn’t believe I’d missed it until now. But the deadline was less than 2 days away! I wanted to cry, there was no way I could get my resume perfect in time, and I didn’t want to risk sending what I had in to have it thrown in the trash. 

Looking for the fastest service

I stayed up until past midnight looking at resume writing services, and I just couldn’t decide what to pick, I was so stressed. And so many of them would only deliver the resume in 3 days, already past the deadline. I didn’t know what to do.
I was choosing between Resume Writers and Craft Resumes, as they had great testimonials and reviews, but Resume Writers could only rush my order for $75 more. Craft Resumes promised delivery in just one day, and was only $129, $70 less than Resume Writers. I couldn’t waste time deciding any longer, and I placed my order.

Craft Resumes Resume Writers
Resume WritingYESYES
Resume EditingYESNO
Sector Specialized Resumes (Military, Nursing etc)YESYES
Rush ServiceYESYES
Cover LettersYESYES
Thank you/ Follow Up LettersYESYES
Resume DistributionNONO
LinkedIn ProfilesYESYES
Reference VerificationNONO
Interview CoachingNONO
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) ProfilesYESNO
Pricing (Basic Resume)$129.99$199.95
Delivery Time (business days)1 day3 days
RevisionsUnlimited Revisions for 4 daysUnlimited
TransparencyIndividual writer Profiles, Certifications, and Specialities are clearly listedNo individual writer information
Writer CertificationsAll writers are Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) or members of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARC/CC)Hired in accordance to Professional Resume Writer rules, and extensive in house training
Customer SupportEmail


Live Chat

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I was thinking I’d go to bed and get a response in the morning, but only 15 minutes later I’d been assigned a writer! I sent over the resume I had, scheduled a Skype call for the morning, and finally went to bed. Read the full review

Resume writing for ex-military

Resume writing for ex-military

A sharp transition

I joined the Air Force straight out of high school, and ended up in Transportation, Supply, and Logistics.  I’ve always had an eye for details and making things run efficiently, and I quickly stood out and made a name for myself. It was a great place to work. The constant moving was difficult though, and when my contract was up and my girlfriend and I were thinking of settling down, it made sense to move on.

The job hunt started right away, and I must have sent off hundreds of applications. I got call backs, of course, but never to the jobs I really wanted. Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer – I took a job as a security guard. It felt kinda brainless compared to what I was doing before, but the commute was short and the benefits were good.

 Underusing my skills

After 8 months as a guard, I was bored out of my skull. I wasn’t using my brain anymore! I was used to being treated with respect and like my skills mattered, and now I spent my shifts with one other guy who wouldn’t notice if I was replaced with an empty uniform. My girlfriend had become my wife and with the prospect of a new addition to the family, quitting wasn’t an option.
I had to get out. Not only boring, security doesn’t have much of a career path either. I knew I had more skills than I was using, I just needed to get someone to see that… maybe someone else could show employers better than I could.

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’ve ever looked for a resume writing service, you’ll know there are hundreds, all claiming to be the best. All ‘guaranteeing’ you a job… with sketchy guarantee terms. I’m skeptical. Resume Writers actually put their money where their mouth is – if you don’t have a job in 60 days, they’ll rewrite your resume for free. The military discount didn’t hurt either!

I like to plan ahead, and since they had a discount if you got the cover letter along with the resume, I picked out around 8 roles I’d like to apply for. 3 average, 3 good, and 2… well, those 2 were a stretch, high level logistics. 
Ready for anything, I made my order.

Personal Touch

Not even 3 hours later, I heard back. My writer was ex-military too, but Army not Air Force. He spent over an hour on Skype talking about my experience and asking me questions about how I handled problems.  Just a few more points finalized by email, and he was ready to go.

I couldn’t wait to see the results. 3 days was too long! There was a rush option, but I’d rather keep my $70. None of the jobs had next day deadlines, so no pressure. Finally, the finished resume arrived.
Resume Writers let you make unlimited changes, but honestly, it felt great exactly how it was. I’d hire me! I saved the cover letter for my dream job, and sent all my applications that night.

 The Result

Out of 8 applications, I got 5 call backs! That’s NEVER happened before.  Now I had to figure out how to interview for so many while I still had a job! Luckily security is a night job and the interviews were in normal business hours, so I managed. I fluffed one of the interviews, but the others went well.
I’d heard back from 3 places – the interview I messed up went with another candidate, like I thought they would. 2 were job offers, but I still hadn’t heard from my dream job. I didn’t want to put off making a decision, but I was still holding out hope… I gave myself an internal deadline to reply.

The night before, I heard back. I got it! The cover letter had really swayed them, and they thought I was the best fit for the role. In just one month, I get to change my career. That's my story... So, if you are considering Military resume writing -- try it for your self and order now

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Professional Resume Writers Reviews

Professional Resume Writers Reviews

A successful resume needs to clearly describe who you are, what strengths you have, and your specific qualifications, technical abilities and previous work experience.
These descriptions mean nothing however if your resume is poorly organized and poorly formatted, but if your formatting is good, then this will help your information to shine through.
You are an individual, and it is better to let your resume reflect your personality and experience rather than blindly following a given format in every detail.
Professionally written resume increases your chances of getting an interview at least at 80% (according to our researches).
Here is the complete list of the best resume writing services we have a deal with. The rating table consist of our general experience of working with each service, the company pricing policy (following the rule price - quality) and general quality evaluation of the resume we've got from a service.

Read Review Visit Site
Read ReviewVisit Site
Read ReviewVisit Site
Read ReviewVisit Site
Read ReviewVisit Site

Reviews are written by different writers, evaluating the quality of services provided. But the rating table is composed according to all our reviews and customer feedback we have.
If you are unsure about any service or you have additional questions, feel free to contact us

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New word in resume writing - review

New word in resume writing review


After working a dead end job for years, our company decided to retrench most of the employees, and guess what, I was one of them. Here I was without work and have not used a resume in years. For one I did not even know where to start. A very close friend suggested to use as she had used them and had been very satisfied with their service with finding her a reliable job. I immediately sat down and searched for them and this is what I found!

My findings regarding this resume writing service

I came to the website and was quite impressed with the design and setup of the site itself and new that they know what they are doing regarding their service. Using their site is very fast and simple as they provide you with all the required information in choosing the right resume service for you. They even have a toll free number to call for those who do not have access to a computer at home.

Even better was the chat facility provided making it easier for me to communicate with them!  Right there, I started chatting away. They immediately communicated with me and asked me questions regarding my skills, strong points and what job I would be applying for. I was assigned my personal writer that I could even communicate with via email. I decided on using the basic resume writing package. Within a few hours I received a draft of my résumé.

The writers are so friendly and helpful that they did not even complain when I asked them to make some changes where I had not been satisfied with what appeared in the document.
I received my resume from them by the end of the day and immediately started sending it out to various companies that I had found while looking for work. Within a week I started receiving calls for interviews and yes, I have found a new job thanks to Craft Resumes.

What makes this service so great?

They present you with a tailored resume that is made according to your needs and qualifications.

 They provide you with:
  • Writing of Resume, CV, Resume Editing and CV Editing
  • You can even add for an extra fee a Cover Letter, Thank You Letter and Follow-Up Letter
  • Professional writers assist you with writing your résumé and provide you with quick feedback.
  • There delivery time is fast as they know that you the résumé to be able to find that dream job.
  • 24 Hour customer support available and provides you with a toll free number and live chat.

My findings

I was very pleased with their service relating to my résumé and it had been prepared very professionally, where alterations had been needed to be made they presented me the help without complaining. My résumé was well organized and interesting.

It has all the relevant information needed. Overall, I am very pleased with the service and would recommend them to anyone who is in need of a new job or just need a change.

Use our special code "promo5" and get 5$ off!