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Living a life after college

Fresh out of college, I actually found myself battling in finding work in the real world. I’ve observed numerous of editorial peaces and sites on the subject of how easy it is to find a job. Yeah, right!  I just got out of college and in actuality I don’t have that great deal of experience. I’m searching for my ideal job with a top company.

Who compensates well, has a real address, can provide me a career with growth and progress plus of course, a corporation that I will be happy working for and that I can be overconfident of when folks asks me where do I work. I have been posting my resume from site to site; placing them on various platforms, which I saw had quite a lot of candidates.

I checked out Resumetointerviews and their service

Then I read some piece that focuses on graduates that recently left college and it pointed out the significance of resumes and how fast it gives an inkling to HR people and how it can in actuality obtain you an interview and of course, a job. I took a crack at to searching sites on how to actually do it right and I attempted every potential way- going fresh plus straightforward and just plain boring with all my lame objectives and bits and pieces.

Unemployment sucks! 

At that time I tried Resumetointerviews provide me with self-assurance and edge. A friend of mine suggested that I should try it and I did. I decided on their Basic Resume just for the fun. Very costly, but come on I needed all the help I could find!  I actually thought this would aid me in finding a job and I still went for it. For a few bucks, I received a very good resume.

It's very efficient and clear using the very words that being used in my type of industry- it’s in point of fact Accountancy. The resume is to the point and mentions my strong points and achievements.
I get to talk to them when needed and found the writer very helpful. They know how the business worked and what is needed in the industry to be able to get the job. You even receive professional support and I got some great tips and advice about the trade.

After dealing with their great service, I bought their cover letter for an extra $100. And can advise with honesty that it is worth it. I can assure you that it is worth every cent spent! They put together a very professional but inspired essay on how much I want the position and how my skills, though limited as it may seem, could convey the end result that they want and so much more.
It's precise and very neatly done plus it highlights the important stuff that I am good at and streamlines my resume as if I’m the best in the field.

Then I Aced it! 

And here I am right now, in one of the finest financial companies in the state! I express thanks to Resumetointerviews every day for helping me. You can easily find them at You can visit them any time of day and see their very creative site.

Their writing is done professionally and fast. They asked a lot of questions about me creating a full assessment to provide a quality resume plus they have a support team on standby when needed. They fixed all my concerns with no uncertainty. Extremely easy and fast!

I would without doubt recommend you their services, it’s a pretty expensive, starting from $250 for a resume writing, and a package of resume writing and CV cost $295. They even offer the service of a Thank You Letter as well as a Follow up Letter, which is very versatile.  They have basic packages of everything as well as an all-out premium package with all the support that you need. It’s really worth it.
Thanks to Resumetointerviews I have now my dream job!