Improve your engineering resume and get noticed

An engineering resume will have many similarities to other resumes that focus on a certain profession, though there are some specific details that need to be understood when creating an engineering resume. The resume format will depend on the extent of your work experience, though whether you use a functional, chronological or combined resume format, the most important things to note are simplicity and clarity. 
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Engineering is an applied technical field, and as such, your engineering resume should focus highly on your technical education, qualifications, skills and expertise, though the biggest problem lies in where to put this information. You have two main choices; to create a dedicated technical section which outlines your knowledge and skills with reference to your education, past work experience, internships and so on, or you can instead scatter your skills under education and work sections. If you have lots of different skills, then the first choice is best, whereas if you are embarking on a career, then the second choice is best.

Whatever you choose, your best skills and accomplishments need to be clearly presented in a resume summary, which details in as few words as possible your key abilities, and why you would make a valuable addition to the employer (if you have any quantitative examples then definitely include them) . Do not simply cram in all of your skills in the summary however, as the rest of the resume should be where you present this information. For education, go into detail about the courses you took which relate most to the employer, and for any qualifications or certifications, you should again highlight relevant parts of the course. Use engineering resume examples to get a feel of which one is right for you.

In the field of engineering, employers like to see individuals who are self-motivated and have clear short term and long term goals, and the objective statement is your chance to prove this in one or two sentences. They are not easy to write and they need to cram in much information in as few words as possible, though engineering resume examples with objective statements will really help your here.
Your technical skills won’t be the only thing employers look for, and you can add plenty of weight by including communication, leadership and other things which highlight your personality, and any other non-engineering qualifications.

Once you have finished writing the resume, you should optimize it by replacing certain words with engineering keywords, which help to flag your resume for employers searching through applicant databases, and show that you know key engineering terminology.