Choosing a resume writing service with a deadline

My old resume held me back

I’d been job hunting for a while with no luck, and really, I felt my resume was holding me back. I had lots of years of experience, but no matter how many applications I sent out, I was hardly getting any call backs, let alone interviews.
So I was already thinking that getting my resume rewritten might be a good investment, when I found an incredible job at my dream company – I couldn’t believe I’d missed it until now. But the deadline was less than 2 days away! I wanted to cry, there was no way I could get my resume perfect in time, and I didn’t want to risk sending what I had in to have it thrown in the trash. 

Looking for the fastest service

I stayed up until past midnight looking at resume writing services, and I just couldn’t decide what to pick, I was so stressed. And so many of them would only deliver the resume in 3 days, already past the deadline. I didn’t know what to do.
I was choosing between Resume Writers and Craft Resumes, as they had great testimonials and reviews, but Resume Writers could only rush my order for $75 more. Craft Resumes promised delivery in just one day, and was only $129, $70 less than Resume Writers. I couldn’t waste time deciding any longer, and I placed my order.

Craft Resumes Resume Writers
Resume WritingYESYES
Resume EditingYESNO
Sector Specialized Resumes (Military, Nursing etc)YESYES
Rush ServiceYESYES
Cover LettersYESYES
Thank you/ Follow Up LettersYESYES
Resume DistributionNONO
LinkedIn ProfilesYESYES
Reference VerificationNONO
Interview CoachingNONO
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) ProfilesYESNO
Pricing (Basic Resume)$129.99$199.95
Delivery Time (business days)1 day3 days
RevisionsUnlimited Revisions for 4 daysUnlimited
TransparencyIndividual writer Profiles, Certifications, and Specialities are clearly listedNo individual writer information
Writer CertificationsAll writers are Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) or members of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARC/CC)Hired in accordance to Professional Resume Writer rules, and extensive in house training
Customer SupportEmail


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I was thinking I’d go to bed and get a response in the morning, but only 15 minutes later I’d been assigned a writer! I sent over the resume I had, scheduled a Skype call for the morning, and finally went to bed. Read the full review

Working with my writer

My writer, Kimberly, was great. By the time I prepared for our Skype call, she’d gone over the resume I sent in and had some questions for me. She really managed to pull accomplishments out of jobs I wasn’t that proud of – I came out of the call feeling confident about myself and my skills.
We finished the interview before 10.30am, and with just a few more emails back and forth to confirm my qualifications, the finished PDF landed in my inbox as I was about to have my lunch. It looked perfect! I sounded like a different person, but it still felt like me. A polished and confident version of me.
Kimberly told me I had 4 days to request as many changes as I wanted, but with the deadline looming, I decided to send it off straight away. 

The Call Back

Exactly one week later, I was called in for an interview. Amazing! I practiced talking about my accomplishments and skills a lot before, and I went in feeling nervous, but prepared. It went really well, and the interviewer even commented on what a good fit my skills were for the position. 
Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job. The company went for an internal candidate with just a touch more experience. The interviewer gave me some great feedback and let me know it came down to just 3 candidates, but I was still very disappointed. I thanked the interviewer, and prepared to send off a new round of applications.

A couple of days later, I got another call from the interviewer – the top choice had received a better offer from their old company, and now the job was mine! It goes to show, you can always be beaten by someone with more experience, but my great new resume clearly stuck in their mind. 

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