New word in resume writing review


After working a dead end job for years, our company decided to retrench most of the employees, and guess what, I was one of them. Here I was without work and have not used a resume in years. For one I did not even know where to start. A very close friend suggested to use as she had used them and had been very satisfied with their service with finding her a reliable job. I immediately sat down and searched for them and this is what I found!

My findings regarding this resume writing service

I came to the website and was quite impressed with the design and setup of the site itself and new that they know what they are doing regarding their service. Using their site is very fast and simple as they provide you with all the required information in choosing the right resume service for you. They even have a toll free number to call for those who do not have access to a computer at home.

Even better was the chat facility provided making it easier for me to communicate with them!  Right there, I started chatting away. They immediately communicated with me and asked me questions regarding my skills, strong points and what job I would be applying for. I was assigned my personal writer that I could even communicate with via email. I decided on using the basic resume writing package. Within a few hours I received a draft of my résumé.

The writers are so friendly and helpful that they did not even complain when I asked them to make some changes where I had not been satisfied with what appeared in the document.
I received my resume from them by the end of the day and immediately started sending it out to various companies that I had found while looking for work. Within a week I started receiving calls for interviews and yes, I have found a new job thanks to Craft Resumes.

What makes this service so great?

They present you with a tailored resume that is made according to your needs and qualifications.

 They provide you with:
  • Writing of Resume, CV, Resume Editing and CV Editing
  • You can even add for an extra fee a Cover Letter, Thank You Letter and Follow-Up Letter
  • Professional writers assist you with writing your résumé and provide you with quick feedback.
  • There delivery time is fast as they know that you the résumé to be able to find that dream job.
  • 24 Hour customer support available and provides you with a toll free number and live chat.

My findings

I was very pleased with their service relating to my résumé and it had been prepared very professionally, where alterations had been needed to be made they presented me the help without complaining. My résumé was well organized and interesting.

It has all the relevant information needed. Overall, I am very pleased with the service and would recommend them to anyone who is in need of a new job or just need a change.

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