Resume writing for ex-military

A sharp transition

I joined the Air Force straight out of high school, and ended up in Transportation, Supply, and Logistics.  I’ve always had an eye for details and making things run efficiently, and I quickly stood out and made a name for myself. It was a great place to work. The constant moving was difficult though, and when my contract was up and my girlfriend and I were thinking of settling down, it made sense to move on.

The job hunt started right away, and I must have sent off hundreds of applications. I got call backs, of course, but never to the jobs I really wanted. Finally, I couldn’t wait any longer – I took a job as a security guard. It felt kinda brainless compared to what I was doing before, but the commute was short and the benefits were good.

 Underusing my skills

After 8 months as a guard, I was bored out of my skull. I wasn’t using my brain anymore! I was used to being treated with respect and like my skills mattered, and now I spent my shifts with one other guy who wouldn’t notice if I was replaced with an empty uniform. My girlfriend had become my wife and with the prospect of a new addition to the family, quitting wasn’t an option.
I had to get out. Not only boring, security doesn’t have much of a career path either. I knew I had more skills than I was using, I just needed to get someone to see that… maybe someone else could show employers better than I could.

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’ve ever looked for a resume writing service, you’ll know there are hundreds, all claiming to be the best. All ‘guaranteeing’ you a job… with sketchy guarantee terms. I’m skeptical. Resume Writers actually put their money where their mouth is – if you don’t have a job in 60 days, they’ll rewrite your resume for free. The military discount didn’t hurt either!

I like to plan ahead, and since they had a discount if you got the cover letter along with the resume, I picked out around 8 roles I’d like to apply for. 3 average, 3 good, and 2… well, those 2 were a stretch, high level logistics. 
Ready for anything, I made my order.

Personal Touch

Not even 3 hours later, I heard back. My writer was ex-military too, but Army not Air Force. He spent over an hour on Skype talking about my experience and asking me questions about how I handled problems.  Just a few more points finalized by email, and he was ready to go.

I couldn’t wait to see the results. 3 days was too long! There was a rush option, but I’d rather keep my $70. None of the jobs had next day deadlines, so no pressure. Finally, the finished resume arrived.
Resume Writers let you make unlimited changes, but honestly, it felt great exactly how it was. I’d hire me! I saved the cover letter for my dream job, and sent all my applications that night.

 The Result

Out of 8 applications, I got 5 call backs! That’s NEVER happened before.  Now I had to figure out how to interview for so many while I still had a job! Luckily security is a night job and the interviews were in normal business hours, so I managed. I fluffed one of the interviews, but the others went well.
I’d heard back from 3 places – the interview I messed up went with another candidate, like I thought they would. 2 were job offers, but I still hadn’t heard from my dream job. I didn’t want to put off making a decision, but I was still holding out hope… I gave myself an internal deadline to reply.

The night before, I heard back. I got it! The cover letter had really swayed them, and they thought I was the best fit for the role. In just one month, I get to change my career. That's my story... So, if you are considering Military resume writing -- try it for your self and order now