If you really ought to get employed as a good nanny, then you need to craft a resume, highlighting many different skills and talents. Parents want only the best for children, and it means that you have to be an outstanding candidate.
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Parents like to see nannies with a range of skills relating to children. You are expected to be knowledgeable so that you may help with homework, strict enough to keep the children in line and respectful but not too strict as to make the child unhappy, and you should be a natural leader and be someone who the children can look up to. You need to be animated and exciting, someone who children will never get bored with. You also need to be observant, and be able to report to the parents about any the progress of the children and any problems as they arise. Child safety foremost needs to be your number one priority, and you will also need formal training such as first aid.
General or specific?

If you are new to childcare and you are willing to take on any experience, then a general resume might be better for you. General things to include can be found with nanny resume examples. If you are more experienced, then it may help you to specify which age range you want to work with, what hours you want to work, and what educational subjects you specialize in, as this makes you look more applicable and impressive to certain parents.
Using keywords

Keywords serve two main purposes in resumes – to raise the interest of the reader, and to flag the resume when you upload it to a job finding service. Any good term relating to childcare qualifies as a keyword, though you should also think about what search terms are most popular. When thinking of keywords to include, don’t simply include as many keywords as you can. You should be specific and relevant to the skills and qualifications you have.
Finalizing the resume

Once you have written the resume, you should review it to check for any inaccuracies and redundancies, structural errors and spelling mistakes. Print out the resume to see what it looks like in real life, and ensure that the text is the right size. Compare yours with online nanny resume examples to see if yours is good enough.