The sales industry is highly demanding, and this means that if you want to get noticed then your resume is going to have to include many different achievements that tell the employer you have what it takes to thrive in such a demanding and goal-orientated environment. When you work in sales, you will not only be expected to meet your targets, and you will be pushed to exceed them. These targets are specific, and as such, good sales resume examples will be just as specific at demonstrating accomplishments. This guide highlights what performance metrics you should include in your sales resume.
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Things to include

The best performance metrics to include are sales rates (or closure rates), the increase of your client base, and customer satisfaction and retention. Employers like to see candidates who can prove they can close a deal, and it is advantageous if your closing percentage rate is better than the average for the companies you have worked for. It is not simply about closing however; it is important to demonstrate that you can build good customer relationships as this increases levels of customer retention, helps to draw in big customers, and helps to generally secure new business. Be careful not to be too general with your evidence, and this means you should always make your claims relevant by comparing them to average performance levels, and not simply include numbers and percentages on their own.

Aside from these key metrics, it is also important to include your sales training and any awards or bonuses you have received from working within sales. The employer will also want to see your personality shine through the resume, and you can include such information in a resume summary statement or in a personal section.
The bottom line is that a business is much more likely to hire you if you have proof of increasing the revenue of your previous employers. But if you are new to sales and have no such proof, then you will need to put an emphasis on your determination and desire to succeed within sales, and use your education and any related experience to help support your claims. Sales resume examples will either take a chronological, functional or combined structure, and no matter what structure you choose, the resume needs to be as clear and concise as possible.