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I graduated from university almost 7 years ago, it has been a while. After graduating, I thought that I was set for life and a new chapter of my life had begun. A chapter that is solely written upon me working in a reputed company while earning a decent salary,  living the dream so many of us dreams of. However, once you pass your university phase of your life, reality hits home!

I was devastated to find out that even with my degree and excellent grates I was in deep water to reach that dream job. I urgently needed a job and so I started doing part time jobs in bars, clubs, and shopping malls. In the meantime, I dropped my résumé at different companies hoping that one day I would be fortunate in finding a great job.

Is there any hope with resume writing?

Whilst working in a shopping mall, I bumped into a very dear old friend of mine. She is a banker and we graduated from the university at the same time. I don’t know who was more shocked seeing whom! We discussed my ordeal, while I blamed my luck for my current state. However, she said that destiny can always be changed and her life story was fairly similar to mine after studying.

It had been downhill for her until she came across In actual fact, this business found her the dream job she is currently working in. She used their services and they supplied her with such a remarkable résumé that she soon got the job. She advised me to use their services, claiming that it is almost certainly one of the best résumé writing services. She identified that it may be my last choice and it also seemed like it.

Are they one of the best resume services?

I took my boring resume and quickly sent it over to the website.  That same day I received a call from them and was introduced to my own resume writer. We talk about my requirements and merits and how I would like my résumé look like. I received a rough copy and sent it back to them to make some alterations and I was done. I presented the new resume in quite a number of places and within a few days I received calls for job interviews.
And luck was on my side - I even got two job proposals. Thus, I selected the best one. even gave me a 20% discount for the résumé as it was my first order. has many great features to offer that includes:

  • You receive a 20% discount on all first order placed with them.
  • A very well clued-up website.
  • Offers a lot of different writing such as cover letters, follow-up letters, etc.
  • The more services you choose from, the greater your package, the more discount you receive.
  • They provide you with a 100% refund if the service is not up to your standard.
  • An extra 25% discount will be given if your friends join the services.
  • Unlike other services, presents you with a resume, cover letter and follow up letter in their packages excluding the basic package.
  • In addition, they have customer care support and help lines which are at all times at your disposal. The help lines are even toll free.
  • Their website is so superbly designed that placing the orders is just a breeze.

The only setback or just a small issue is the pop-up chat box that always emerges while surfing the website. This can become a bit irritating.

My Review Conclusion

Well, you can realize where I am going with this as I am sitting in my office writing to you. You can undoubtedly see that this résumé writing service knows what they are doing. I would without doubt recommend you to use for getting the job done from start and you in finding the job of your dreams. It’s never too late, so go on give it a try!