How to build your executive resume effectively

An executive resume is of pivotal importance. It is designed to communicate the entirety of your professional life in only a few pages, and if you want your resume to get noticed then it needs to be interesting, and yet highly accurate and to the point. Whether you are taking a direct route, or are looking to get on the good side of an executive recruiter, knowing what direction you want to take is important, as this helps you to create a resume which will appeal to a specific head-hunter. Trying to please everyone with a general resume is not a good option.
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So before you being writing the resume, you should carefully think about what you want to do next, and what you want to achieve. Given your education and experience, there will be opportunities which will suit you and some that won’t, and it will be easier to find yourself a position which does not go against the grain of your skills and experience.

Aside from the standard structure of an executive resume (of which there are many executive resume examples to use as a guide) the most significant thing to consider is your writing style. The resume needs to not only read well, but to be engaging and compelling. Do not compromise the readability of the resume by listing everything you have ever done, and no amount of detail could possibly cover all of your skills and achievements up to this point anyway. You should edit the resume as if it is a work of literature, ensuring that it presents a unique story that is well paced. The work history section is where you need to focus on being clear and honest. If your resume is supplied on behalf of a recruiter, then the recruiter’s pitch needs to accord closely with your key abilities, responsibilities and experiences which are highlighted within the resume.

The executive cover letter is the most important thing to get you noticed by head-hunters, and head-hunters like cover letters which are brief and clear, set out on one page and with plenty of white space. Selling your key attributes is key to an effective cover letter that gets noticed. You might not be comfortable or experienced with selling yourself, though many executive resume examples and executive cover letter examples provide the key terminology that you will need.